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Cardone’s wine production is deliberately limited in order to maximize the quality through checks and tests from the harvesting to the bottling.

The names of ours wines are inspired by what they have given, from time to time, to the company.

So the name Castillo, dedicated to the white dry wines line, recalls the town of Locorotondo and in particular the circular shape of its historic centre which, during the Spanish rule, was called “Castillo” for its resemblance to a castle.

Then there is the Primaio, a fancy name for the Cardone family meaning the “first wine of the year”. It is an invented word that goes against the Novello tradition, to which we did not want to adapt.

Il Fragno is the great challenge of our winery, as in the Itria Valley land historically known for the white Locorotondo Dop, we have planted the famous Bordeaux blend of cabernet, malbec and merlot in three hectares of vineyards dominated by an ancient oak.

Rudy, finally, is the diminutive of Rodolfo Valentino, a famous Italian actor and dancer born at the end of the 19th century.