The Valle D’Itria’s wine

Live in fable

The company is located in the centre of Locorotondo, and has seven hectares of vines in the Itria Valley. The ideal microclimate of the area has allowed us to experiment international grape varieties such as Pinot Noir and the famous Bordeaux blend (Cabernet Malbec and Merlot). The valley is characterized by hot-dry weather in the summer, with an average annual temperature of about 15°C.

In the hottest period the high temperatures during the day are followed by cool and fresh nights, creating an ideal temperature range for a high quality viticulture. The town as a whole is fascinating thanks to the white walls of the buildings and houses. Its typical houses with two or three floors, with windows or arches and double sloping roofs, covered with limestone slabs (cummerse) give the town a very original appearance. In other words, a walk round Locorotondo gives the impression of being in a fairy tale.