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The Valle D’Itria’s wine

Discover the world of Cardone’s Wines

Good wine is made in the vineyard and then in the cellar, the physical place where “dances open up” between technology and experience. Since the years, in 1970, Cardone winery, located in the heart of Locorotondo and guided by three generations by the family, has never lost sight of its main objective: production of wines, both from native grapes and from international vines, which represented the quality of a territory. And so, from Fiano to the Negroamaro, from Verdeca to Pinot Noir, the labeled wines a the natural fruit of the earth.

There is nothing industrial and standardized in the production process, if not the maintenance of the organoleptic characteristics.

The production of Cardone wines is deliberately limited to maximize quality through controls and trials ranging from harvesting to bottling. And this has made the company a quality brand.
The Cardone family has structured a path of knowledge and tasting guided by specialized staff and divided into three different moments: a tour in the cellar where you can observe the various stages of the production cycle;a walk in our vineyards and finally the tasting of wines that will take place at your choice in one of the different locations: in the cellar or in our show room in the historic center of our splendid Locorotondo.

Visit can be made by appointment; in the end you will be offered the opportunity to buy our wines.